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How is CEI compensated?

In most cases, there is no cost to you to file. We are paid a contingency fee based on the amount of tax we get back for you. We are your partners � we are not paid until you get paid.

In which countries can I reclaim?

There are many countries around the world offering you reclaim possibilities. Email us for the latest chart.

Are there any deadlines?

Yes. Strict deadlines are in place. Let us know which countries interest you and we will bring you up-to-date.

Can I get my money back in my own currency?

Yes. CEI can pay you in your own currency, or in any worldwide currency you desire.

Can I do my reclaims myself?

Of course. But most of the world�s international corporations outsource at least a portion of VAT/GST reclaim. The reason? It�s something done at most 4 times a year by any corporation, and the time it takes to keep up with law changes and opportunities, not to mention the expertise needed to successfully reclaim, makes this an ideal outsourced service. It gives you a professional approach to a complex subject. And unlike most accounting and auditing firms, we charge you nothing unless we�re successful.

How much work is there for me if I let CEI do it?

Not much. We have a few documents for you to sign to get you started, and you must submit to us the invoices you have received, but little else. You can be �done� with it literally in a few minutes.

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